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Illustration: 0rvik

It was time for an update of the old website, and I wanted to separate between the two different scales, H0 and N, which I am building. Also, I have my great fascination for cars resulted in an extensive collection vehicles for model railroads, and thereof I wanted to create a website for all the cars, buses, and trailers in 1:87 and 1:160. I have further great interest in buildings and architecture, and since the collection of kits also increased, it was natural to create a website for those also.

Has also improved the website for the English- and German-speaking, so they can now browse the page in their own language. But it will be like before where English is written manually, and German is stripped translation from Google translate, as I do not speak the German language to well. The posts and images is slightly larger, and perhaps provide a better experience, and the website is customized for use on tablets. Will try to update them all regularly, but essentially it will be page about model railway in 1:87.

I will also create a separate page with an overview of the various Norwegian stores have different items in trains, cars and kits in the two scales. It’s also open for those wanting to advertise on the side. I will hereafter mention stores that either provide discounts, free shipping or other positive sercive, as it costs time and money to operate and update such hobby pages. Feedback from various retailers shows that they get increased traffic from my site, and that my linkage has positive effects for their stores.

I am no professional model railway enthusiast but I have a great interest in the hobby. I dreamed for years during childhood about model trains and got my first opportunity to begin with model train as I approached my 30s. In other words, just been doing it for a few years. Hope you like the new sites. Feel free to give me tips and feedback, and please write comments on the various items. Are you a model railroader and have your own blog or website, please contact me so we may be able to link to each other.

The old site: (no longer updated)                Link to the new pages in the lower right corner!

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